Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An Almost Familiar Face

Perhaps his face will sing of bosses past.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Occupy what now?

Okay, well here is a written blog post. Things have been a little more lax recently so the lack of updates is pretty much just my bad. Though it's been a while, so, yeah.

Not that I feel any desire to join them, but I've been paying attention to the people over on Wall Street. The whole occupy movement is nice, and as much as I would like to support them I don't really fit in with the crowed. I've noticed the kind of people showing up are typically pretty decent seeming all around. I mean, sure, you have your hippies and your hipsters, but they are bound to show up anywhere that showering is not just optional, but shunned. Other then them though is this mass of people who seem to know what they are doing. They are better organized then the media would lead on. But let's just make a profile list of the types of people I have seen so far. Starting with the obvious, of course.

1) The Hippie. They showed up as the white night clad in hemp armor. They spend most of their time playing obnoxious music, getting high, and making the place smell a little worse. They aren't harming anyone though, they are there to show how peaceful the movement is. Who knows, this OWS movement could birth the frozen man if winter is cold enough.

2) The Hipster. Dauntingly close to the hippie's smell, the hipster wades in his own self pity as he drinks his coffee and fiddles with his 5 hundred dollar phone. Many people have stated that the hipster is the greatest of all hypocrites, but I say NO! They only spend money on nice phones. The loan they took out to go to three years of college only to drop out was a real thing, and they demand the payment for their debt in full. The crooks on Wall Street know what they have done, this is their movement! It's high time a new Hip took over the movement and this time it's going to be the hipster! "In all reality though, man, can I bum like ten dollars off of you for some coffee?"

3) The Delegate. This guy isn't camera shy, and he is here to prove a well spoken point to the fat cats at fox news. Speak out my brother, no modern media can tell you no! You are a well spoken individual, you are the one of many, you can do it! Only there are more then one of you. And no matter how well loved you are, you are just going to blend in with the rest of the people there. Welcome back to obscurity friend, you are always welcome here.

4) the "Average". That guy doesn't look like he belongs there, perhaps this movement actually means something! Oh wait, he flashed the cop, yup he's crazy. Oh Mr. Average, you look just like the people who are herded through the day to day rut, but then you do something that makes me feel proud, a little awkward, and intrigued. You make the OWS movement slightly less interesting, but that much more validated. That is until fox gets a picture of your penis, thanks man, we had a good thing going.

5) The Veteran. This guy was in WWII, he fought in Vietnam, he took a bullet for your country. How dare you tell him no. How dare you question his obviously important role. He's not going to stop until he has a heart attack, sadly that could be any moment, because as tenacious as he is, hes really old. Really old. Still, you better respect him, because in that old wheel chair he has a grenade from 1941. And there is no telling if that thing is still active. Run maggots!

6) The Victim. People are being beaten, they are being maced, and they are being forcefully pushed around by the cops. This guy hasn't seen any of that though. He just was told to go to the appropriate area and to stop causing trouble. Now he has a score to settle. "Harassment? Naw dog this guy used his power as a policeman inappropriately and I demand blood!" Sadly now he is going to be beaten, even sadder is none of his friends will care, because he kind of deserved it, you know?

7) The Rich Guy. Oh, what the hell are you doing down here? Wait, you want to support our cause? Oh, okay, well I don't know if I feel comfortable with having "one of you" around. You clearly have money and a house, so why take time off to stand around with us? Oh, you think were doing some good. That's cool. I. guess.

8) The I don't know. "I'm lost guys, why is this cop here? Oh that was my face, it's nice to meet you too Mr. Nightstick. What did I do again?" This guy looks lost, like he didn't want to be there, he was just sort of assimilated by the crowd. Now people are calling him a hero, giving him supplies. He hasn't been able to get home in a long time. I hope his kids are okay.

9) The Muse. Remember the 60's? Ahh man those were the times. Sitting in a park with a guitar playing loving melodies. Let's do that, but instead let's talk about corporate crime! Man who cares if he can't sing, it's for the cause! But he could do with some voice lessons. I'm just saying. Wait, he's wearing a black turtle neck, sunglasses and a beret? Beatniks are back? Holy crap man that's the bees knees!

10) That Guy. He's even at the OWS movement. What is his deal? Nobody likes him, but he seems to make it to every protest ever. Didn't I see him at the anti gay rally two weeks ago? he travels fast. Why is he always wearing that baseball cap, I don't get it, it's fall and you're in New York, there is no sun. Is that a fake tan? Why would you do that? I'm sure he isn't even that dedicated, I bet he sneaks off to shower. It makes me sick, that guy, sick!

That's all the love I can muster for now. Don't be fooled by the way, I really do appreciate what these guys are doing for us. I just don't fully understand all of them. So get out there and support your local occupy movement!

Until next time!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011


These last few weeks have been mostly stress. My mom is in town and she is dealing with a lot of stuff. I have been with her for the large blunt of it but it's getting to be a lot of stress. My blog, my creativity, and my overall demeanor have been suffering. I'm at this state where I feel like I'm working full time and I've lost the will to do a lot of stuff.

There will be more updates, and more art, but for now I am focused on family matters. I'm sorry folks.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Internet Logic?

Blizzard Entertainment (aka Activision Blizzard) has just announced that it's next game, Diablo 3, will require you to be online in order to play. There are a few reasons they are doing this but the big reason as far as I can tell is that they are going to have a micro transaction auction house. Allowing players to play offline would cause item spawning and duping to fetter the online auction house, skewing the micro transaction market.

People are up in arms over this. As any fan community gets over any sort of logical step in the gaming community. A group of people are mad because they allegedly don't have internet access, they posted this on an internet forum, by the way. Really people are mad because this actually makes it a challenge to pirate the game, and it also makes it impossible to hack. Well, not impossible, but it won't last very long, I can guarantee that.

Either way this is a logical step in the right direction for the online gaming community. something like 62% of gamers play online games, and I'm sure that at least 80% have internet access. You can still play alone, it's the same gaming experience, and it's a pretty simple concept to grasp. If you want a premium online experience then you need to control what your players are doing with there accounts. As terrible as that sounds it's true. Your not forcing your player into some awkward social situation, you're simply not allowing them to poison the online community with game breaking spawned items.

While I'm talking about stupid fans, Mass Effect 3 just announced that the box art Female version of Commander Shepperd is going to be one of six models. They put them up to vote last week and it looks like the blond Shepperd won. An internet movement was outraged at the audacity of a stereotypical female figure being chosen. Calling her a "Bimbo," among other ridiculous things. I find this hilarious, Sheppard can be what you want her to be, who cares what she looks like. My Shepard is a red head with a quirky smile and a knack for killing anything that moves with any weapon on hand. And one of my favorite video game characters? Samus Aran. A blond intergalactic bounty hunter, with the power of space aliens. She is definitely modeled after a stereotype and yet this has never been brought up, in fact she is regarded as the perfect female lead in the video game world. No gender conflict, no issue with taking any sort of responsibility, and absolutely no issue with fear. (Terrible Other M Samus not included.)

How I view Shepperd is not going to change because of the box art, and how you view her is also not going to change. Hell, this might even help to reinforce your idea of Shepperd. Because she is probably the most underground game hero ever.

Also Diablo 3... Buy it... I know, you might be like, but I don't play video games. But this, this is a continuation of a game that has been begging to be continued for years. Blizzard, make it sing!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Trying to draw a blog post today, and I just can't. I don't want to force it either. I'm sorries guys. :<

All I have on paper right now is a doodle of a cat with wings.

Monday, August 1, 2011

On the road

Considering I’ve been missing a few days, for that I am sorry, I thought I would switch Monday and Thursday’s to-do’s. I’m going to write on Mondays and draw on Thursdays. This is because of the circumstances of my current schedule. I apologize for the lack of posting recently. Family has been in town, and they take priority. This is to let you know that I’m not done, and I do fully intend to continue to write and draw.

On a different note, Utah… Not a fan. It’s dry, hot, and boring. I was only there for a period of 24 hours. That felt too long, one could say that it was more then enough to make me remember why I love winter, and why the cold is a good thing. Not following? It was 96ºf when I landed yesterday morning. It was hot, and although it was humid for most of the desert dwellers, it was dry for me. It enraged my body, and I found myself drinking more fluids then I have ever drank in a day.

I’m glad to be on the road, that’s where I am right now. It’s not too hot today, and Idaho is being blessed by my favorite type of weather.


So that is what I am doing right now. I’m sitting in a car. I guess that it’s better then being on an airplane though.

Speaking of… While I was on the plane I overheard a “special” conversation. A man who was sitting behind me was confused about the power of time zones and the implied time travel they offer.

“So, the plain takes off at 7:20(am) and it only takes an hour and a half to fly to Utah… Why are we supposed to land at 10:00?”

… This is a real thing that people are talking about. Were they not taught about Utah’s placement on the planet being a little further east and causing the sun’s cycle to be… what’s the word… ahead? No, I suppose not.

Either way, I’m not on a plane, and I’m not dealing with the modern masses. So I can be thankful for that. I’m also able to write a blog post while sitting in the car listening to the music on my computer with the car speakers. So, I have that, and I think it’s nice.

Now I am going to list some of the things I see for you. Perhaps it will help you paint a picture of what I am seeing.

Tractors (plural)
Camper toeing a Subaru
Two trees

This is actually pretty boring. So I’m going to stop, what took me fifteen minutes to view is only going to take you five seconds to read. So there is no reason to continue this. I wish I could type incredibly fast while I’m looking out the window, but I have to be looking at the computer screen to see that I am actually typing words on the computer.

I think instead of telling you what I see, I might just draw it on Thursday. I’m at a loss as to what else there is to type, so I think I’m done for now. Enjoy your Monday.

(Note: this was typed on a Sunday.)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Missing the stars, loving the future.

NASA... Oh NASA. Why did we let it go this far?

A lot of people are saying that it's the end of an era, and I can't help but agree. Incidentally the end of an era just means the beginning of a new era. And although we might not be space fairing for a while. We will end up back up there at some point.

I say this because I have a feeling that no matter how long we are grounded, we can't help but try to reach out to the stars. The chances of finding life are slim, but we know that the chance that it's out there is really high. And in our never ending quest to expand and learn we will end up making space a common frontier. I think commercially space travel has a lot of appeal, I can see a lot of travel to Mars for raw resource, perhaps even the moons of Jupiter or Saturn.

Avatar is one of my favorite movies because Humanity will more then likely be like that at some point. We will have moved on to a new frontier. I can tell you a lot of the technology in that movie was entirely feasible today. And it was all portrayed in a very humanistic manner. Don't get me wrong, I love the Star Trek world, but I doubt we will make ships that look like that when the functioning design of the ships in that show were all incredibly inconvenient Star Wars was spot on with a lot of its personal star craft design. That is what Avatar brought to the table. Believable human technology that could emerge in the next fifty to one hundred years. And in all honesty, the progression from being an entirely land based life form to flying after hundreds of years of progression was one thing, but once the 1950s hit we blew up in our development. You don't see many huge discoveries nowadays, but I assure you they are there.

One thing I feel is that America will be proven wrong in a few years. We are the original space walkers, but we weren't the first in space, and we certainly wont be the last. I have faith that as more countries push into space we will feel more united in our cause.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blants! (bless you ants)

Sorry about Monday, and sorry for not posting it. I got caught up in some stuff here and there. Today is Thursday so it's time to make words. So you know Monday's picture was scrapped. I'm drawing a new one for next Monday. Hopefully it will stand to last this time.

Topic for this week? Right, I don't feel like picking one. This week is Garrett's ranting week.

So, I've been cutting down on my sugar. Not to live longer, or loose weight, but just because. This has lead to many good things, mostly health, but it has also been good for my mood as well.

Found a game called APB, it's awesome. You get to make a criminal or cop and you run around the city trying to either stop the mayhem, or cause it. I went cop, and found quickly that it is a very unforgiving game that gives you little to no direction. But the moment you get moving the game is awesome. the character creation is spot on, and the game runs swimmingly on the Unreal engine.

Been surfing the nets for many days now looking for a job. Found a few that made me laugh, one was for a job as a driver for a girl who worked in Seattle, and lived in Everett. The advertisement was something along the lines of, "Will pay for your gas, love to stop for coffee, I will buy you a cup when we stop. I like people who talk, (Blah blah blah.)" the pay was great I think it was 30 per mile, and gas + coffee. Hell for free coffee I might just do that, to bad I don't own a car. But my point is, who puts an add on craigslist for a driver. The girl was n her 20s and here she is being all serious time. I respect people willing to get an early start at making it big, but why would she need a driver. She even states that she has a license and a car. People are weird.

My roommate has gone off the deep end and has been watching nonstop videos on You-Tube. Mostly about anti religion. Every once in a while he will emerge from his cave and tell me to watch this video about this atheist genius, and he will tell me to go watch it. No matter how many times I tell him I think anyone posting a video about religion on You-Tube  is asking to be punched. I'm not against any beliefs, I don't understand why people have this fascination with trying to make a point on a place where people go to make fun of people with a point to make. And then they get all hurt when the thing they have posted doesn't get the astounding reception they feel it deserves. All parties are guilty of this, and it just drives me bonkers. It's like watching a cat fight. It's loud hissing for the first five minutes and then one cat scratches the other and all you can perceive after that is a ball of fluff making horrendous noises. It will never end.

Also roommate had this notion that all things are his. All things ever. I have punched him because of this.

I've been on the wall about a great many things before, but I have never been on the wall. I would like to go to china just to see what it is like. Also, Japan would be nice to. Okay, I like Asia, so what. I also like Germany and Rome. I also like Russia, but for all the wrong reasons.

Peanut butter is great don't let anyone ever tell you it isn't. Also, I am so sorry if you are allergic to peanuts. I feel awful. Truly.

I think I'm done for now. I might be beck to add to this.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Not today.

As it were, an urgent family matter has come up. So I will be finishing my picture tomorrow, or possibly even on Wednesday. Sorry about that.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Missed by a mile.

Missed the target day this time. My apologies. Couldn't really focus on anything yesterday. Honestly, today is pretty much the same, only this time I'm stuck inside on the computer. I've had a lot on mind and I'm not going to bore you with the srs stuff, because if I wanted to do that this would be named something like. SRS BUSINESS, GARRETT BLABS ABOUT THAT WHICH TROUBLES HIM. And that not only sounds dumb, but boring. So I'm thinking of an appropriate topic to talk about today.

Yo know what is interesting? Already toasted toast. I made a joke about this once. In a type of script for a comic or show I would like to one day make. But then, I went to the store and found out it actually existed. This displeased me for many reasons. One of them being I thought I was making a joke, and the other one being, why... The best part of toast is not the fact that it's crunchy bread, it because it's warm! I mean come on.

Not to mention the fact that almost all the pieces are all crumbled up by the time you get it. Sometimes all of them.

The worst part of this? The fact that ten pieces costs more then a loaf of bread with more then ten pieces. You get more in your loaf, but for some reason they charge more for the toasted bread. Like you're paying them for cooking something twice. I'm sure this amounts to some kind of convenience fee and for that I dislike them.

Actually the place that sells the stuff is closing. And they have always seemed kind of shady. I blame the toast, or more of the people who thought carrying a stock of that stuff was a good idea. I'm sure whoever ordered that stuff, is the cause of the stores failures.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Maggots!

You enjoying your fourth Maggots?!
For the ones who get this reference, I am sorry it doesn't live up to the quality of the actual character.
For everybody else, enjoy!

Friday, July 1, 2011

You have our word.

So, in case you hadn't heard video games are now protected under the freedom of speech. What this means is that the rating system that the ESRB came up with in order to keep minors from purchasing games that are not supposed to be picked up by persons of an undeveloped age is still around, and California can not limit what is put into said games in order to "protect our youths". They were asked if they would be willing to drop put the same limitations on the movie industry and the reply was a resounding "no".

Much blame goes out to video games these days. Being criminalized for violence that the player is taking part in. I'm not going to say that that isn't at least a little true, but the reality is we have restrictions on who can buy the games that are labeled too mature for young audiences. I support the ESRB, however, I do not support the limitation of content in a game. If you feel that game is too much, then you can make your statement by not partaking in the material. It's the same thing you do when a bad movie comes out, you simply don't see the movie.

But games are a resource that have been mostly untapped into. Some people feel that the learning experience is not something that should coexist, but in all honesty, we can't over look the teaching medium in games. I've seen it done before, mostly with little successes, but this is because teachers are making the games, and there are no developers involved. A game is not made, it is developed. It is forged, and with a group of developers being instructed, we could have a medium that is approachable, fun, and a good source of knowledge. Games that do more then develop hand eye coordination and actually teach. A game from a company like Valve, made in cooperation wit a university science team could make a game where you are part of the lesson while keeping it interesting.

I've always been a strong supporter of games for knowledge, and learning because you would like to further your own understanding of what surrounds you.

And with that, I highly recommend you google something you find interesting, and learn at least once a day.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tales of Grandeur

It all started with an idea, as many things often do. This idea was one of travel, we would find our way down to one of the most isolated areas in Oregon. There we would have one of the most thrilling adventures of our lives. Or so we thought. The planning was fairly haphazard, all we thought we would need is 300 dollars, a tent and some basic camping tools. We brought more the we expected to, but it was okay, better safe then sorry.

The drive was where it all came together. This was my first road trip without adults to follow along, and the drive made that feeling all the more apparent. Conversations were frequent, and mostly consisted of what kind of epic adventures we should try our hand at once we arrived at our destination. The music was loud and obnoxious. The playlist consisted of Aqua, Dragonforce, Voltaire, and Amon Amarth.

It was getting dark, as we hadn't started our trip at an early time. We were all tired, hungry and sick of driving. Not to mention we were also running low on gas. So we parked in an Oregonian shopping centers lot.  Near a gas station, there were signs everywhere telling us that overnight parking was strictly forbidden. The cars owner became hesitant to sleep in a place that explicitly told us not to sleep there. We looked for a while and eventually found a place to park in the local coffee stand's lot. We were parked next to some ominous foggy woods which sparked a conversation not soon forgotten.

You see, the most terrifying thing four bored men can come up with at 3:00 in the morning in a strange area is apparently little Asian boys with duct tape, trying purge our testicles of hair. We all had a hard time sleeping that night, I'm fairly positive that we slept in accidental shifts in order to protect our goods. The next morning was nice, we went into the grocery store and picked up some of the essentials. Bacon, chicken and many, many snacks. None of which are actually essential, we hadn't really thought that one out, but we did learn an important lesson. Don't shop hungry.

We stopped to get some gas before we left the town. We were all a little rattled from the night before, but we pressed on. We spent the rest of our drive feeling incredibly lost, and passing by what seemed like too many naked old persons moving about in there yards as shamelessly as one could possibly be when naked. Then we finally arrived in the chosen destinations town. This was an omen, as once we entered, the map quest directions suddenly ordered us to make a turn to the right. I tried to warn the driver, but to no avail, it was to late, or so we thought. He slammed on the brakes and grabbed the wheel, making a hard right (I'm pretty sure the car was on two wheels.) and slammed into the curb on the opposing side of the road. We stopped for a moment, and took in what had happened. There was no visible damage to the car, but emotions were high. Evidently that wasn't even the right turn, and in one day we had learned a second life lesson. Don't trust Map Quest.

We arrived at the camping ground with no further setbacks. I payed for the spot, and we dropped off our things, got set up, and then went back into town for food. We found a Fred Meyers where we purchased even more important things. Several pairs of flip flops, a tiki torch, glasses sunglasses cover, and food. We returned to the camp sight, and ate. Then three of us went to the tent for rest. The other, smart one ended decided to sleep in the car. It began to rain, I was awoken by a strange cold feeling on my face and hands. A lack of snoring coming from the other sleepers in the tent. I looked around, not fully aware of my surroundings, to see why my rest had been so rudely interrupted by cold. I was suddenly alerted by the drip of water that smacked me in the face. The tent was leaking, and I was under one of the leaks. I looked around, concluding that my friends had also gotten wet, and had retreated to the car for shelter and warmth. I attempted to do the same. Sadly my common decency told me to not knock on the window so I didn't disturb the sleepers in the car. I wandered about for a while trying to find a place to sleep. The options were tent, campground restrooms, under the car. I attempted to get comfortable in the restrooms. This did not work out, and defeated I began sulking my way back to the tent. When I heard on of my companions saying my name. Immediately I responded, I walked to him and told him that he, and my other friends were ass holes for abandoning me to freeze in that damned tent. Feeling guilty they told me that it was too cold and I was snoring very loud. But invited me to sleep in the car anyways. The next morning we awoke hungry and confused. We inspected the tent which was indented in several places by pools of water.

We headed into town for food. We all wanted something warm, and we decided that KFC fit the bill. We drove up to the building only to learn that KFC is not meant to be consumed in the waking hours, saddened we continued our search. Next we arrived at McDonald's, which delighted one of my friends. His life goal was set on consuming bacon at that exact moment. A goal that he felt crushed once he found out that McDonald's was no longer serving their breakfast menu. Still, once he was up for his order to be taken he said as hopelessly as I had ever heard. "I want Bacon." The cashier smiled and told him there was hope yet. They had breakfast sandwiches left over. And they had bacon on them. Delighted he ordered two of them. Sadly the sandwiches did not prove to meet his standards as he proceeded to make incredibly sad faces the rest of the meal. Apparently bacon that tastes like cardboard is not enjoyable by even the hungriest of men.

That evening we finally got around to cooking the chicken that we had bought. With a little butter and chicken wrapped nicely in tinfoil and some fire we made the best chicken any of us of have ever had. Then we slept the day off. Once we awoke we began packing our things only to learn one more lesson. Urine is not a good way to put out a fire, however, it could be weaponized. One of my friends took it to heart that he was going to settle his vendetta against the smouldering ashes. He chose to pee on them, as a last attempt of revenge the fire spat billows of noxious gas at him. The smoke traveled towards any who dared enter the campsite. Protecting our goods from being re-procured for the journey home.

After all was said and done, we headed out. But hell, that was an amazing week.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The neighbors are at it again.

Okay, neighbors of the upstairs persuasion. I'm not entirely sure what I should think of you any more. It's two am, that is not the time to be watching Jurassic Park. And even if you are not watching Jurassic Park, you should at least keep it down. I am not one to sleep on a timely schedule either, but I do not keep you, or the angry people below up with what I'm sure is the sound of a Velociraptor choking on a cow. If that is not what I am hearing, then I weep for your relationship, because it sounds quite horrendous.

No less then three hours of this almost three times a week. Usually beginning on the hour I wished to sleep. I am truly happy for you, Mr. Upstairs person, you must feel quite lucky. But could you please not be so loud when I am trying to fall asleep. Sometimes I wonder how my roommates sleep through your escapades, and even more I wonder if that is truly Mrs. Upstairs person that you have over. I am concerned because sometimes I'm sure that is not happy yelling that I am hearing.

And that brings me the next concern. I'm not sure why you find it necessary to roll around on the floor with wheeled desk chair. At a different time I might just show up to join you in what seems like marvelous escapades, But right now it's two am. Right now I would much rather be falling asleep, and you are not helping this.

I tried to play some music in order to tune you out, but it almost sounds like you knew I would do this, so instead you started to do a little jig. I find this somewhat disheartening, as I am using headphones. Your ability to predict my next move is quite impressive. I think I will have to step up my game next time you initiate combat. I'm thinking of buying massive sub woofers for the next time you have any escapades.

Anyways Upstairs People I think you would be fun people to get to know, only if I weren't so informed of your day to day lives. I'm at least happy for you, but you should think of other people before you guys get all Velociraptor on each other. If you ever happen to read this, take it into mind.

PS: Angry downstairs people, your angry. Please stop banging on the ceiling every time someone sits down. Were not trying to be mean, we just want to get comfortable.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Story of my yoots

This week, is a story that I hold dear to my hart, mostly because it involves the day that I met one of the coolest, (If not a little insane), Friends.

It starts with my move from Utah to Washington State. (For people who hate America, or just don't want to take the time to look at a map that's really dry place to one of the most humid places ever.) Which happened mid summer, also allowing me to have an extra week of summer vacation. Hells yeah different school cycles!

Anyways, for the first week or so I was too scared to actually meet and talk to people, until that one fateful day. A kid in my class decided to approach me. He stared me down old western style, and when I finally asked him "what" I was greeted with a sharp pain in the back of my head. The bastard hit me, he approached me to hit me in the back of the head. This was his goal, to cause a mild annoyance to some stranger. That day recess was the usual, standing about pondering the day, and other mindless things.

Then by the end of the day, the annoyance had become full blown rage. We both walked home, I caught him walking and followed him, yelling the whole way. Apparently I looked like I was some kind of evil fueled hate machine. (That is according to him.) Once we arrived at his front door I took a moment to gather myself. I was going to tell his parents of the unjust actions taken upon me.

When I knocked on the door, his mother peered out and asked if she could help me. (I'm assuming at this point the perpetrator had already informed his parents that some crazy kid followed him home, and was going to try and get him in trouble.) Dutifully I announced to her what had transpired.

Me: Your son hit me in class today.

Parent: Did he? I'm sorry to hear that. Would you like to come in?

Me: ...

Parent: I've got some chips and popcorn. Or some lemonade if you would like.

Me: Sure.

And so with the offer of food and beverage I entered. For some reason my rage had entirely dissipated I was now at peace with the actions taken against me. I followed her in, and she then directed me her child. I saw him Sitting in front of his Television, playing his SNES game system, without a second thought I walked to him and sat down. I feasted on my rewards of Bugles and Lemonade, and played video games.

That was twelve years ago. Through one random act of violence I have forged a friendship that has forged many friendships through the ages. My thanks go out to you, you crazy bastard. So lesson learned? Violence is good. Don't let you parents tell you otherwise.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Musically Inquired

I'm fairly positive that at one point in nearly everybody's life they think to themselves that they are going to try and write a song, or make music of any kind. This is true, at least, for me. I have long wanted to make at least one song and share it with the masses. Only problem is, I'm mostly tone deaf so I have never ventured on this endeavor, and more then likely never really will.

Why then write about it, you ask? Well, I recently stumbled upon this strange table top item that is for the most part revolutionary for DJ's. This thing is called the Reactable and it pretty much makes all other DJ stations look like they are outdated. It uses a touch screen and objects referred to as pucks and cubes to send your computer signals that can do pretty much anything you could do in other mixer programs. The unique part of this is the musicians ability to quickly maneuver the cubes onto different surfaces changing the track entirely.

I haven't actually gotten a chance to play with one of these, but by the looks of this, if you have ever wanted to DJ, make music or even just annoy your parents this seems to be the ultimate tool. Now of course there is one set back. It costs about $15,000 dollars to purchase one and have it sent to your home. I'm not entirely sure of the all the tech that goes into this, but I'm sure that there is quite a bit of mark up there.

In the end this is a product that I would much rather try out before I buy it. However, seeing as how the company is stationed in Europe somewhere I doubt I will ever get the chance. Not to say I would ever buy one in the first place, as I am musically slow.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What is relevant, is not allways interesting.

So, I'm just going to make a blog post about making a blog post.

Also, you might have noticed that I missed Monday. Sorry about that, I was planning something for next week. :D

So as I've been coming to realize, blogging is something that if you want to do right you need to know what your going to write about before you start writing. Sounds pretty obvious, but it's not as simple as just knowing what your going to be writing about, it's also got a lot to do with planning out the structure of said post.

So, that's interesting.

Anyways, so I guess if you guys wanted to know I'm going to attempt to make art for the next blog post. I think once I get this structured Mondays are going to be stories with pictures and Thursdays are going to be whatever is on my mind. Once I know what you guys like more I will stick with that.

Also, even if you can tell my what you think via some chat deal, feel free to comment, E-mail me, and what have you. Also tell your friends.

So today post was lazy and not very well thought out, clearly, but I was just trying to help you guys get an idea of what I'd like. Which is mostly to know what you like. So yeah. I... I guess I will just be over here doing things.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not all mushrooms make you do the Mario...

I figured I would start off with a story from my youth.

When I was about four, I was playing in the yard of my home. Poking at the mushrooms growing in the grass. My brother, who was sitting on our tree swing at the time, saw this and decided to try to kill his naive younger brother. He looked to me with a smile and announced that if I were to eat one of the mushrooms that I would in turn grow, much the same as Mario does when he eats a red speckled mushroom.

With powerful information like that I decided to not pass such an epic opportunity. Devouring one of these mushrooms would give me the power to stomp all obstacles in my way but three, three would turn me into a beast feared the world round. So I ate them. Three of the tiny little mushrooms growing in my yard. Then I went inside to tell my parents of my grand achievements.

My mother did not seem nearly as amused as I was flustered and disturbed they asked my brother if what I had told them was true. He verified, but made sure that they knew it was of my own devices and he had no part in the decision making process. My mother told my father to go to the local store to pick up something. What he came back with was clearly one of the most amazing liquids this world has ever seen. Syrup of ipecac. They handed me a glass of water and administered the treatment via a dropper. In no time I was heaving, for what seemed like hours.

The odd part during all of this was, I was not in the least disturbed by any of my induced vomiting. I was actually laughing. I was elated for no apparent reason. Vomiting and laughing, I couldn't manage to do both at the same time, but during my breaks it would just get louder and louder.

Imagine seeing your own child curled over the toilet, laughing and vomiting all the while. I'm sure it was mildly traumatizing for them. But for me, it was better then crack. Looking back on such a strange thing, I still have fond memories. Typically you say, we will laugh about this later, but for some unknown reason I was laughing then.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting started, a sermon to the senseless.

My endeavors to make a blog have finally come to fruition. More of, I got this random urge to do something a little more productive then what I was doing. So now I'm sitting here trying to think of what sort of things I will be talking about... Blogging about? Right, well you get it.

So, I'm guessing that this is going to just simply be a place where I bring up current issues. I will post my art, possibly art and words at the same time. Like a picture book. I have been asked by a majority of my friends to do a Podcast as well, so I will be making one. They will also be participating, so be warned.

Anyways, expect to find me going bat shit crazy from time to time. I'll be here, making assumptions and directing accusations.