Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Things I hate, (Currently.)

Okay well this is just a way for me to put this in writing before I go crazy and possibly drop the bass on some unsuspecting passerby. I figure I'd just vent here, and be done with it.

I hate feeling like I need to explain myself when I want to get drunk with a friend because I've had a shitty week.

I hate feeling like I'm obligated to do some kind of monkey dance for someone who refuses to respect me for who I am.

I hate this idea that I'm not who I want to be, and not even knowing where to start, I hate trying to think of ways to find the actual beginning of my path and being stopped in some way.

I hate looking at people who are pretending to be happy, and knowing something is wrong, but not being able to help them out of fear that they might get the wrong impression.

I hate the idea of not being equal to the rest of the world because I'm just a different kind of person.

I hate the fact that whenever something good happens in the world someone has to try and overshadow it with a giant downpour of piss.

I hate that the world has made me so cynical that whenever I read something sweet or endearing on the internet I almost always think 'too bad it's fake'.

I hate it when people laugh at me and then refuse to tell me why. If you're laughing at my face just tell me what you find so funny, I might just laugh with you.

I hate that people try to tiptoe around me because they think I might take offense to something, it's ironic because I find that far more offensive.

I hate that there are people in the world who would brandish a gun or a knife, before offering to shake hands.

I hate when people get mad because someone is just doing their job.

I hate that people never take responsibility for their mistakes.

I hate that people take responsibility for something they never did.

I hate when people act out when they've been called out on the shit they've done.

I hate mondays.